1. THE Possible - Yuuki Superball! MV (1:30 preview)
    THE ポッシボー - 勇気スーパーボール!

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  2. just-what-i-like asked: Do you know if there will be a music video for Yuki Super Ball? Also I want to say that I love your site and I hope you will keep up the good work. Your side is even better then the actuell The possible website. xD

    I’m pretty sure I saw tweets about them filming a music video for Yuuki Superball!, so hopefully soon!

    Thanks for the comments! I don’t feel like I’ve been posting here enough lately, I’m going to work on that!

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  4. THE Possible New Single: Yuuki Superball!

    After last night’s in-person voting at Shinjuku BLAZE, the new single has been decided! Yuuki Superball! will be released on March 26th, 2014. If this is not the song you were hoping would win, every song that was on the poll are included as coupling tracks on each version.

    Updated post March 3rd: HQ single covers added.

    As confirmed by TNXstaff via Twitter, the live versions will be from the 1/17 concert at Shinjuku BLAZE.

    THE Possible - Yuuki Superball!
    Release Date: March 26, 2014
    Label: VERSIONMUSIC (Victor Entertainment)

    Regular Edition: VICL-36889 | ¥1,000
    Type A: VICL-36890 | ¥1,200
    Type B: VICL-36891 | ¥1,200
    Type C: VICL-36892 | ¥1,200
    Type D: VICL-36893 |¥1,200
    Type E: VICL-36894 | ¥500

    Regular Edition Tracklist:

    1. Yuuki Superball! (勇気スーパーボール!; Courageous Superball!)
    2. Do Me! Do!
    3. Yuuki Superball! (Instrumental)
    4. Do Me! Do! (Instrumental)

    Type A Tracklist:

    1. Yuuki Superball!
    2. Jinsei wa Paari! daa! (人生はパーリィー!だぁー!; Life is a Party!)
    3. Yuuki Superball! (Instrumental)
    4. Jinsei wa Paari! daa! (Instrumental)
    5. Jinsei wa Paari! daa! (Live)

    Type B Tracklist:

    1. Yuuki Superball!
    2. Shiawase no Tenbin (幸せの天秤, Happy Seesaw)
    3. Yuuki Superball! (Instrumental)
    4. Shiawase no Tenbin (Instrumental)
    5. Shiawase no Tenbin (Live)

    Type C Tracklist:

    1. Yuuki Superball!
    2. Nasty!
    3. Yuuki Superball! (Instrumental)
    4. Nasty! (Instrumental)
    5. Nasty! (Live)

    Type D Tracklist:

    1. Yuuki Superball!
    2. Zenryoku de Aishite… ne! (全力で愛して…ねッ!, Loving with Full Power!)
    3. Yuuki Superball! (Instrumental)
    4. Zenryoku de Aishite… ne! (Instrumental)
    5. Zenryoku de Aishite… ne! (Live)

    Type E Tracklist:

    1. Yuuki Superball!
    2. Yuuki Superball! (Live)
    3. Do Me! Do! (Live)

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  5. Vote for the next THE Possible single!

    Announced on the i-BAN!! 3 hour THE Possible special, the group will be releasing their next single in March 2014. The single will be chosen by fans, from six of the unreleased songs that they have been performing in concert. The choices are:

    Shiawase no Tenbin (幸せの天秤)
    Jinsei wa Party! Daa! (人生はパーリィー!だぁー!)
    Zenryoku de Aishite… nee! (全力で愛して…ねッ!)
    Do Me! Do!
    Yuuki Superball! (勇気スーパーボール!)

    Demo/edit versions have been uploaded to a newly created SoundCloud profile, and can also be heard on the voting site.

    There are three ways to vote for the new single:

    1. Vote Online

    You can vote once a day at the web poll on:
    Each online vote will count for 1 point.

    2. Postcard

    One per person, must be received by January 15th, 2014.
    The postcard must contain address, name, and song you are voting for.
    Five winners will be chosen from the postcard entries to receive a THE Possible Vote 2014 T-Shirt.

    東京都渋谷区東1-2-20 渋谷ファーストタワー

    Each postcard vote counts for 5 points.

    3. Direct Voting

    Attendees of the concert on January 17th at Shinjuku BLAZE will be able to vote at the venue.
    These votes will count for 10 points!

    Voting timeline will be as follows:
    December 29th-January 15th: Web and postcard voting
    January 7th: Midterm results announced on Poshichan
    January 14th: Top 3 results announced on Poshichan
    January 15th: Web voting continues with top 3 results
    January 17th: Voting and results announcement at Shinjuku BLAZE

    Here is a compilation of Japanese sources and news posts regarding this announcement:

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  6. THE Possible Live Tour 2013 Aki ~Do suru?????~ FINAL: Setlist

    THE Possible Live Tour 2013 Aki ~Do suru?????~ FINAL
    November 24th, 2013 5:30pm Start
    Akasaka BLITZ

    All songs were performed with a live band.
    Teshima Isamu (aka TESSY) from the band Unicorn, who wrote and composed Sakura, performed as special guest guitarist.


    1. Jinsei wa Party! daa! * new song
    2. Tabi no Mannaka
    3. Kibou to Seishun no Hikari
    4. Eien Fireball
    5. Koi ga Dancing (Robin, Akkyan, Moroin)
      MC (Gotu)
    6. LOVELY! LOVELY! (Gotu) * new song
    7. Zenryoku de Aishite… ne!
    8. Sakura (acoustic, TESSY on guitar)
    9. Reborn
    10. Nasty!
    11. MC
    12. Shiawase no Tenbin * new song
    13. Nanja Korya
    14. HAPPY 15 (Nice Girl Trainees)
    15. Love Message! (Nice Girl Trainees)
    16. Do Me! Do!
    17. Denkousekka Baby!
    18. MC
    19. Zenryoku Banzaai! My Glory! (Up Up Girls & Kikkawa Yuu surprise appearance at end)
      MC (THE Possible x Up Up Girls x Kikkawa Yuu 3man live announcement)
    20. Ijiwaru Crazy love
    21. Yuuki Superball!
    22. Saa Koi! Happiness!
    23. Otome! Be Ambitious!
    1. Nnfuu to Merry Christmas!
    2. Sakurairo no Romantic
    1. Young DAYS!!! (TESSY on guitar) (Backdancers: Trainees)
    You can watch the time-shifted concert on Nico Nico Nama here: http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv155283867

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  9. ファミコン風「桜色のロマンチック」by THE ポッシボー
    Nintendo-style “Sakurairo no Romantic” by THE Possible

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